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 Pirates Cove provides numerous activities which will consume children's
imagination for hours. Through our exciting play concept, children can further develop imagination, creativity, enhance basic motor skills, muscle tone, co-ordination and self-confidence, whilst caregivers can watch and take 'time-out' to enjoy a delicious treat from Black Beards' cafe. But remember Adults are more the welcome to run around with the Kidz. Always remember its 007 time here at Pirates Cove ( Bonding time ) get to know them heehee .
Yea right I hear you say.

There is a separate toddler play area for children up to 3 years of age, to
protect them from the bigger kids.

Cafe & Play Area

* Multilevel Soft Play * Toddler Area * Bouncy Castle *

* Activities * * Private Functions * * Baby changing room *

Please remember

The Supervision of the children is the responsibility of the Attending Adults bringing them into the Play Centre. The Supervisor accepts all responsibility of the Children.

Adults may play on the equipment.If mum, dad or adult carer do go on the equipment, he/she must take off his/her shoes.

‘Pirates Cove’ is not a child care or child minding centre, so parents/carers must be responsible for the child/children in their care. To this end a waiver must be signed prior to entry.

PARENTAL SUPERVISION is required at all time. Please monitor your child to ensure safety to all

NO FOOD or BEVERAGE is to be brought into the play centre without management approval. Baby food is exempt.

SOCKS MUST BE WORN at all times. Health regulations and general hygiene require children and adults entering the play area to wear socks at all times.

NO ROUGH PLAY - Pirates Cove caters for children of varying ages from 12 months and older. Older children must be careful of younger children in the vicinity. Objects from the soft toy area and ball pit must not be thrown, kicked or used as missiles. Anyone caught will be asked to leave the centre immediately.

NO CONSUMPTION OF FOOD or BEVERAGES in or around any of the play equipment including jumping castle and climbing structure.

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